Please note that the freight/shipping fee charged by our company solely covers the cost of shipping the item(s) from our facility to the designated delivery address. It is important for customers to understand that this fee does not include any international taxes, customs duties, or any other fees that may be required by the destination country.

All responsibilities for additional charges – including but not limited to taxes, customs duties, and fees associated with the collection of the parcel – rest with the recipient. Our company is not responsible for any such additional costs that may arise during the process of shipping and delivery. As customs policies vary widely from country to country, we highly recommend that our customers contact their local customs office for further information on the specifics of these charges.

We strive to ensure a smooth and transparent shipping process, but it is crucial for recipients to be aware of and prepare for any additional expenses that may occur. Understanding and complying with the destination country’s customs regulations is essential to avoid delays or unexpected charges. Our team is always here to assist with shipping inquiries, but the liability for the parcel and any further fees, customs, or charges associated with its collection are solely the recipient’s responsibility.

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