What to wear for baby showers & gender reveal parties

The air is filled with anticipation and joy as everyone gathers to celebrate the impending arrival of a precious little one. Baby showers and gender reveal parties are a time of love, laughter, and heartfelt wishes, and what better way to mark this beautiful occasion than by dressing in style!

Are you searching for something cute to wear to announce whether you're carrying a baby boy or girl to your family and friends? Whether you're team boy, team girl or even just team baby - these blue, pink or white dresses below are just too perfect to pass by. All the styles featured are super comfortable and will show off the bump perfectly!

There are no rules on what colours have to be worn for a baby shower. So we got you covered if you want to embrace alternative colours instead of the traditional blues and pinks. Here are some of our popular options that are refreshing and a great way to allow you to express your own individual personality.

Have a sneak peek of our exclusive Facebook community where you can see other amazing photos for inspo on what others have worn for their baby shower/gender reveal parties and their feedback:

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Heidi - "HIGHLY recommended the Leona dress for anyone with a baby bump. Wore it today for my baby shower and had sooo many people ask where it was from, was also extremely comfortable! Wearing a size xl and in a standard 16 normally with E/F boobies so it's definitely a good size for everyone!"


Krystal - "I’ve seen lots of gorgeous ladies rock the oh baby dress and was so excited to wear mine on the weekend! Absolutely loved everything about this dress and got so many compliments."

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Melissa - "I had my baby shower this weekend and bought the Aston dress in blush for it as I’m having a girl! I previously bought the Mercedes in rose for my baby shower but after seeing the Aston in blush I knew I needed that one instead! I got it in a size 12 and it was so perfect!! I loved it and felt so pretty in it. Such a flattering dress "

Also make sure to check out our other blog about Maternity Bump & Breast Feeding Friendly Dresses for more styling ideas as you continue your journey into motherhood!

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