Where it all started

From humble beginnings in April 2016, with just a one-room apartment and a Facebook account, BY AMICA (formerly known as Dee's Pop Up Shop) has grown to be more than just a destination for affordable fashion and the latest trends.

Rooted in her passion to support women on their journey to confidence, founder and professionally trained fashion designer Dee spring-boarded her start by combining dress-making skills & sense of community.

Turns out encouraging a group of confident, vocal group of women in one spot has its perks. In her first year, Dee saw an influx of not only orders, but invaluable, real-time feedback, issues with other fashion retailers, types of styles they wanted and what really mattered to them: having a place to safely express themselves and feel fabulous. From here, it was just about meeting those demands as Her Friend in Fashion. With a sewing machine in one corner, a few supplier contacts and healthy dose of resilience, Dee's Pop Up Shop was born.

It's Showtime

After 6 years, 2 kids, 15 employees and over 155,000 community members, the name and existing presence of Dee's Pop Up Shop was no longer going to cut it. The truth was that we had outgrown the hand written logo and pinkish hues. The new brand image reflects on the outside what we always were on the inside, a growing group of visionary women on a mission to uplift all ages, bodies and backgrounds through authentic and true representation.
When considering our shiny new name, it was paramount our company values and purpose were embedded. With the latin origin 'Friend', the name By AMICA fit nicely with Dee's Friend in Fashion roots. It also helps that AMICA rhymes with Dee's two boys Luca and Oscar. You guessed it... Dee's 1st and original baby.
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